About us

Dustin Pugh

Dustin Pugh founded Faction Tool Company in 2017 when he turned his garage hobby into a small business. He saw a need for a good quality, hard-use blade he could carry and that would as an all-purpose tool. He researched, asked questions and, after countless trials and errors (about a year’s worth), he perfected the craft of making hard-use blades/tools. He carefully inspects each blade he makes and holds them to very high standard.

Dustin has served his community proudly since 2008, and currently is a full-time S.W.A.T operator in Montgomery County, Texas, where he is an Assaulter/Breacher. He also holds Deputy USMS credentials and is on the Gulf Coast Violent Offender Task Force. This unit tracks and locates the most violent wanted individuals all over the U.S.

Dustin trained at and with numerous top-level schools and individuals in the tactical industry. He holds many instructor certifications, including firearms, mechanical & ballistic breaching, ALERRT, CQB, and more. He earned two degrees from Kansas Wesleyan University where he played football – a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology, a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice and a minor in Psychology.

Dustin is the proud father and husband to four kids and his amazing wife, Sarah.