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The OG Stinger is back! Perfect for the kit or deep concealment. This knife has many uses; from wall probing to can opening, the OG stinger is that perfect back up to your EDC. Will come with a double ridge wrapped Paracord handle, hardened with CA glue to withstand the elements and abuse.

*Additional changes*
Stingers are 1/8” now with a higher grind to aid in the sharpness. They are still stabby, and very slicey… 

The old school Faction Logo will be the makers mark on these. 


Steel - 8670

Total length - 8 1/2”

Blade length - 4 1/4”

Thickness - 1/8”

Grind - Scandi.

Finish - patina finish with metal bluing.

Sheath- kydex with black rubber loop and clip.