Ringer Stinger - Black Wrapped Handle

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This knife comes a black wrapped handle and is not customizable.

The Ringed Stinger is based off the OG Stinger, but you know I had to put a ring on it. Perfect for the kit or deep concealment. This knife has many uses; from wall probing to can opening, the ring stinger is that perfect back up to your EDC. Will come with a double ridge wrapped Paracord handle, hardened with CA glue to withstand the elements and abuse.

Note: The ring acts as a reference point for quick deployment from concealment or kit only. I do not endorse having your finger inside the ring while using this tool.


Steel - 80crv2
Total length - 7 1/2”
Blade length - 3 1/2”
Thickness - 3/16”
Grind - chisel
Finish - patina finish with metal bluing, a temper process, and stone wash